Back in May this year, Anonymous Hackers attacked English Defence League in which they claimed to leak Email and Passwords, List of Doners (Include Address), Phone Numbers of EDL Members (Leader & Important Figures), however later the data was recognized as the older one but that time EDL was still concerned.

Now, today (Tuesday), Anonymous Hackers attacked on the English Defence League website and takes that down, the group ,main website is down and opening with an error you can see in the image below:

Anonymous Press Release reads:

To all members of the English Defence League

We, Anonymous, are a vast network and varied consciousness. We are the defenders of free speech and a true shoulder of comfort for the oppressed. We have recently stood witness to your hatred and your use of trolling – not “for the lulz” but to pit human being against human being.

We will update this news, if any further hack happens regarding #OpEDL.



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