Beware While watching your Smart TV because now it is revealed that Hackers could hack your Smart TV and can spy on you through the cam in your Smart TV and you can say that Hackers have your remote.

According to a news by Mashable- On Thursday, at the Black Hat security conference, researchers Aaron Grattafiori and Josh Yavor demonstrated the how they were able to hack a Smart TV and researchers found multiple vulnerabilities in different 2012 Models of Samsung Smart TVs.

What a Hacker could access in your Smart TV:

  • Could Turn on the camera
  • Could take control of social media apps like Facebook or Skype
  • Could access files and basically any app on the set.

“Because the TV only has a single user,” Grattafiori explained to Mashable, “any type of compromise into an application or into Smart Hub, which is the operating system — the smarts of the TV — has the same permission as every user, which is, you can do everything and anything.”

Researchers were in the fond of Vulnerabilities in Smart TV from December 2012 and reached out to Samsung in early January to alert it of the bugs.

If we talk about the Samsung, they told CNN that it has issued patches that fix these holes, and it should now harder for hackers to compromise its Smart TVs.

However, researchers believe that that other other exploits could potentially be found to attack Samsung as well as other vendor’s Smart TVs.

Researchers didn’t post any details online of their Exploit.



  1. I would like to know if this is happening on LG Smart tvs? One of the game apps I use gives me the feeling they can hear me. I don’t have a camera tho but my TV may have a microphone cuz it has Karaoke apps that can record you. The game app I think hears me is Smart Poker. I’m not the only one that thinks this.

  2. I got the following message on a LG Smart TV (includes errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar):

    [[Paypal Live System routine inspection]]

    Thank you for using LG Smart TV. We’ld like to notice

    the routine inspection of paypal live system.

    On 27th. Sept. from 07:00 to 07:30 the PayPal Live

    System will be temporarily suspended due to

    routine inspection. Sorry for your incovenience.

    The inspection time could be changed dependent

    to the local situation. Thank you for your


    * Time: 27th. Sept. 2013. 07:00 ~ 07:30

    * Note: Temporary payment system suspension

    due to Paypal Live System routinne inspection.


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