The Latest news coming from the Enemy of Pakistani websites “Afghan Cyber Army” a Hacker group from Afghanistan hacked The Official website of (National Database and Registration Authority) Of Pakistan and they also claim that they have crashed their database.

The Official website of National Database and Registration Authority is and after their message we checked the website and we found that down, we also took the screenshot to make sure to you about the website:

In the message the Hacker team sent us, in that they also stated that why they taken down the website and wrote a complete message regarding this:

This hack is a response to the rocket attacks of Pakistan military on Kunar and Jalalabad Provinces of Afghanistan! Next time wait for bigger damage, We will not let any torture and overtaking on our land unanswered. Remember WE ARE AFGHANS, WE DO NOT FORGET, WE DO NOT FORGIVE!

Afghan Cyber Army already damaged the Pakistani Govt. Websites in the past:

Website was still down, when we were publishing this news.



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