Red Hack

Latest news coming from the twitter that Redhack Group hacked Istanbul Special Provincial Administration and the hacker group confirmed this hack with a tweet this morning.

Twitter accounts ” Istanbul Supervisor electricity, gas and process all invoices, etc. ADLS ;) opening to the public,” he RedHack by his followers announced that the user name and password.

In the tweet Red Hack tweeted:

Governorship of Istanbul Special Provincial Administration: http://www. ​​/ invoice / login.p hp  … K-name admin Password Redhack institutions do not write borrowing money ;)


RedHack is one of the Hacking group which hacked many of the Turkish Websites during the Turkey Protests and this is the most top reason of ShutDown the Twitter in Turkey and Turkey govt. is also taking some action to prepare some strict rules about social media and according to the last report Facebook “Accepted” but Twitter “Rejected” to help Turkish Government on Protests.


  1. Good going guys…..redhack…I am with you. ….you do not know me..I am here and there…helping you from a land so far away….you will hear of me soon…OS2HaCk


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