Customer Management system website ( was being targeted by An Anonymous hacker Group “AnonNegros”, according to a chat with the hacker they claimed that they hacked the website and leaked confidential login information from the website.
Covergys has many high profile brand partners also in the meantime.
In a Chat, they told us that they leaked the database with the leak link, after a recheck of the leak link there are lots of juicy info, like their partner login credentials, user login credentials, admin login credentials.
Here is the DB Table from which database has been leaked:
  • itddmgr
  • blogs
  • contacts_db
  • cvg_404
  • cvg_users
  • dev
  • hsr_event_model
  • marketing_portal
  • mysql
  • phpmyadmin
  • search_jobs
  • site_search
  • system
  • video_contest
  • wordpress

Also ReadAnonymous leaked 3000 login credentials from under #OpLiberation

It can be a Fake Leak also still the leak is not verified but we searched for the matching leaked data on Google, so there was not something that so it also be a Genuine Leak that’s why we published it.



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