According to the latest tweet of the Anonghost team they managed to get in the database of & and hacked Managers login credentials.
Anonghost Team also own the Hacking operations i#OpPetrol & OpIsrael-Reloaded in the MeantimeThey also released notice post about that on facebook 1hours ago, they posted:


Database Hacked By Mauritania Attacker \!/ and Datas will be posted soon !-!”AnonGhost is Everywhere”

Anonghost tweet about the leak:

Mozilla Emails Managers Hacked By
— Anon Ghost (@An0nGhost) June 13, 2013

After a recheck of the Leak link there are more than 45 Mozilla Manager’s Login Credentials, here is the screenshot from the leak link:
Update: After the Leak Mozilla responded about the issue, as they had to, they wrote on their blog:
A hacking group called “AnonGhost” is claiming they have compromised “Mozilla Emails Managers” and exposed the email address and a 16-character value for 50 accounts. Upon investigation we’ve determined the 16-character values are not user passwords. Instead, they are activation codes used for the initial activation of user accounts for a Mozilla blogging software.


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