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An advance ultimatum has been given to Israel by The Global Hacker group Anonymous , by said that try again on Sunday, April 7 under the banner of #OpIsrael.

Actually Hackers group is going to erase Israel from the Internet (hackers said),if by chance this ultimatum is not to be taken seriously by Israel there will a Attack in the history that could devastate Israel’s computer-linked infrastructure.

We get to know about this news when our news editor Praveen Kashyap was surfing Internet and saw this news on Israel Today.

When we asked them something about 7 April they tweet us what you can see below:

@an0nghost can we know what will be on 7th April

— Hackers NewsBulletin (@HNBulletin) April 1, 2013

A leading hacker going by the handle of “Anon Ghost” told The Hackers Post that “the hacking teams have decided to unite against Israel as one entity…Israel should be getting prepared to be erased from the Internet.”

Let the day come (7 April) , we are waiting for that to see a Cyber War.

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