A news is coming from the New York that The Famous  business magnate, television personality and author. He is the chairman and president of The Trump Organization and the founder of Trump Entertainment Resorts the one and only Donald Trump bank’s account has been breached.


This breach done by some Anonymous hackers and $18 million has been stolen from Donald’s account and this Easter is not so well for Donald Trump.


From the Investigators of FBI and New York Police Department it is being said that online hacktivist group Anonymous could be responsible for the multimillion-dollar theft. 

The theft, as reported by the New York Post, was discovered yesterday after the phrases “You’re Hacked!”, mimicking Trump’s infamous “You’re Fired” catchphrase, was found flashing across several computer screens at Trump headquarters in Manhattan. A second, more cryptic message, “Donald — Anonymous-ly Yours,” is believed to be linked to the Anonymous group, allegedly responsible for a series of politically and socially motivated cyber attacks in recent years. 

According to Joseph Smithton, an NYPD Special Investigations Unit sergeant, the hackers apparently stole the $18 million by tapping into four or five of Trump’s investment bank accounts, as well as a Swiss account containing several million dollars. 

“They most likely accessed multiple accounts to avoid risking suspicion of withdrawing Mr. Trump’s money from one account,” Smithton told the Wall Street Journal. 

No news sources could reach Trump for comment, though the billionaire was quoted as shouting “You’re fired!” on Sunday to a now-former security officer for The Trump Organization.

Hey don’t take it seriously Happy April Fool’s day……

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