After the #OpIsrael Hackers lauched #OpUSA as we reported on 13th , a latest thing about this #OPUSA is this that AnonGhost (A Hackers Group) started to deface the websites from now and is still time to 07th-05-2013, so you can think how big the cyber war will be.

Some of the Major websites which are defaced and in the meantime defacement also can be seen live:


USA 47th Infantry Regiment 9th Infantry Division, HaCked by AnonGhost :
USA Winston County Probate Judge, HaCked by AnonGhost :
web :

USA Marengo County Probate Judge, HaCked by AnonGhost :
web :
USA Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office, HaCked by AnonGhost :
web :

They all are defaced by AnonGhost and a message left there

The USA government is equal to the Israeli government. 

#Op USA is initiated after #Op Israel was a success in the eyes of the people that participated in the attack. 

Operation United States of America stands for the fallen people in Iraq, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan and for the people that died because of an drone attack. 

The operation seems to focus on financial services as the “Poster” for #opUSA mentions that they will “Hurt the only thing the American government cares about money, time to hit them where it hurts”. 

You can check out the #OpUSA video here

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