Xbox LIVE server down from 2 days and confirmed by Xbox but on the other hand many of the forums and websites are publishing or published a news that Anonymous hackers hacked the Xbox LIVE, but the confirmation in which Xbox said about their servers are down there nothing shows that Anonymous done this.
Here’s a glimpse of what’s being said on Twitter:
  • Don’t worry about Xbox Live being down! It’s not like your Xbox needs to be constantly connected to it in order to function! @CVG_News
  • I feel like Xbox live being down is a sign… @mattreeee
  • Xbox Live is down? Don’t worry guys, this clearly won’t happen with the Nextbox. Clearly. @LikChan
  • The weather sucks, and xbox live is down…..#Nice @NMuchard
Down is one thing, but being hacked is something completely different. The image below  has some believing the service has been taken down by Anonymous.
  • Anonymous hacked Xbox Live apparently yes yes yes this is fantastic @alrightjosh
  • Apparently #xboxlive was hacked and is currently down.  Be sure to change your password and enable multifactor authentication! @strangemagicbus
  • Apparently anonymous hacked Xbox live and that’s why it’s not working I hope that’s not true :/ @DaleyBiebsSwift
A video released by Anonymous on 13th Feb 2013 will tell you some important points about Xbox service and gamers:
“Many members of Anonymous are gamers or respect the conditions of gaming and find the use of hacking online gameplay or accounts completely unethical and counterproductive. We have therefore decided to target the Xbox LIVE hackers and perpetrators themselves. If you’re a hacker who thinks taking over someones account during Modern Warfare is leet, then we will show you the reality of cyber warfare.”
You will also find this video on many youtube channels date published near by today but as we said above the original date of this video is 13th Feb 2013 which is published by  Fawkes Security Follow @FawkesSecurity + .
A note was also posted on 13th feb for this on Pastebin.
Source- Ripten



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