SEA (Syrian Electronic Army) again in news, yesterday evening twitter accounts associated with Guardian have been hacked.
After an account hacked  Twitter always do its duty by suspend that account which have been hacked, again something happen like that.
Hacked twitter accounts has been suspended by Twitter.
Screenshot of Hacked Accounts

A Message posted to Guardian Books “#Twitter_SecurityTeam Think if they suspended our accounts that they will stop us!”
Alice Woolley, who is editor of the broadsheet’s education supplement, also found her accountcompromised by the hackers.

Screenshot by

What SEA said:
Disclaimer: the new account of the Syrian army-mail on Twitter after the close of the Syrian army-mail account for 11 times:
Every time Famous Twitter Accounts are being hacked by SEA (Syrian Electronic Army like recently AP, BBC, Al-Jazeera and many more.
In the Meantime Twitter suspended their accounts.
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