Hacker named LINUXPLOIT_CREW (@linuXploitSec) claimed to hack the database of NBA National Basketball Association, they tweet us about this hack but we are unable to show you that Tweet because we found that tweet again but it disappeared, Answer for that Tweet is below.

Every time we got messages from Hackers and they got disappeared from Twitter, we were really in Trouble but at that time we think about CISPA and our last report of Twitter’s Act ofsuspending Hackers Account.

After that we got our answer and in result for reporting Twitter suspends the account of that Hacker named LINUXPLOIT_CREW (@linuXploitSec).

In the Database they claimed to hack, there are 4498 Entries which includes:

  • User_name
  • User_pass
  • Email
  • Name

It is not confirmed till now about this Leak.

We always give you the info which hacker or any Hacker Group gives us, we don’t have any responsibility for any loss, we are just sharing news with People.

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