Yesterday afternoon was not well for Thailand Education Ministry because some teenagers have hacked the website of Ministry of Education and they were demanding freedom from Ministry of Education about their control on Teenagers.

This Hack happened yesterday afternoon near about 4:30pm when someone hacked the website and send a message on webpage that It has been hacked.

Hackers Voice

  •  The ministry should have no right to control teenagers.
  • “We do what we want to protect our freedom. You have no right to control teenagers like us. We have our own life and our own rules.”
  • “We’re Libertia. We do whatever we want, because we can. Don’t dominant (dominate) your teenager. We have our life, We have our rules.”
  • This is also being said that  “Hacked by Gleich zi Libertia. We don’t need you. Bring me democracy!” 

After this hack the website has been taken down by the officials and the officials were saying that hackers will be punished after investigation.

We think that the time will tell what will happen.



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