Charlie Miller

An example which is used by many companies many times seems to be very popular that a Hacker who hacks anything or break the security than he will be very popular and any other company will hire him as a security researcher this type of example is again in front of us.

Twitter has hired Charlie Miller as a security researcher in their security Team it looks like that how to get an excellent job just hack anyone and you will be popular then you will be proposed for Best Job.

Who is Charlie Miller?

If you don’t know about Charlie Miller don’t worry we will tell you about him actually he is a well-known apple’s IPhone hacker.

From a twitter post of Miller came to know Monday I start on the security team at Twitter. Looking forward to working with a great team there!

He’s also found a way to bypass Google’s automated malware scanner (Bouncer) and discovered security flaws in Near-field communication (NFC) features on Samsung and Nokia devices.

A short statement has been issued by Twitter that Miller’s title will be that of Software Engineer, but they declined to discuss any further details.



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