Shock spread around the world after official warnings that were issued by Adobe systems about a severe Adobe Flash vulnerability that was exploited by hackers at a massive scale.

The vulnerability was used to inject a famous spyware known as FinSpy which is famous for its notorious nature. FinSpy is such an integrated spyware that it is even used by multiple law enforcement agencies and governments for nefarious purposes.

This Adobe Flash vulnerability was first discovered by researchers from Kaspersky Lab. They noticed it as part of an investigation initiated on the case of a customer who faced a hacking attempt.

hackers Adobe Flash vulnerability

Kaspersky reported that an unknown hacking group created a hack to use one of the most widely used softwares around the globe as a medium to inflict harm to millions of systems.

FinSpy was hidden under an email link which then uses Adobe Flash vulnerability to exploit a system and enable remote code execution.

Adobe Flash Play vulnerability

However, Kaspersky reviewed more cases and found that the probability of this hack is low till the moment Adobe released its official patch to remove this Adobe Flash vulnerability.

Therefore, it is advised that you immediately update your flash players to remain safe and sound.

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