The inevitable has come to pass. One of the servers used for the campaign site for got hacked. Although the attacker remains unknown, he claimed to be from Iraq.
Trump Site Hacked, after the hack, showed an image of a man spotting a fedora, accompanied by the message:

Hacked by Pro_Mast3r~

Attacke Gov

Nothing is impossible

Peace from Iraq

The source code of the page contained nothing harmful according to investigations so far. There was a JavaScript file that was linked to within the source code of the page. The Java Script is located on a Google Code account that is no longer active.

The compromised server is now offline. There seemed to be no link between the main site’s homepage and the one that was attacked. There is another one that is being used for the purpose of getting secure contributions to the campaign, but this is not linked to the ‘secure 2’ server that was hit.

Donald Trump Site Hacked

The alias ‘Pro_Mast3r’ did not appear to be connected to anything meaningful when a search was conducted on it. Up to now, no one can say for sure who the attacker was and what their goal was.

There has been no official response from the Trump-Pence campaign team over the incident as at now.

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