In recent hacking news, a new case comes up where a leading actress starring in US sitcom one big happy got trapped in cyber-attack.

The Actress is none other than Kelly broke who is known for her past online leaks and she has a good fan following. She is a  good looking brunette she was in news for her connection with actors Jason Statham and Billy Zane. She is also trying her luck in Hollywood.

Kelly is currently living in Los Angeles she said in one of her interviews that she will choose when to leak her pictures and then she leaked one for her sitcom One Big Happy which sees her acting naked but Pixelated.

But this is not her first time to get seen in public she was one of the victims of iCloud hacks last year with dozens of her intimate and explicit images gone viral.

The new leak includes images of Kelly and her ex-fiancé in which Kelly is getting intimate and cuddling him on bed. In past they have accused each other for sharing pictures online with somebody else who could have leaked them Online.

The images are shared on file sharing and torrents. Most of Kelly Broke pictures are very explicit in which she is posing on her bed.

This is not the first case, many other famous actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez got into the trap of cyber-attack where there personal pictures got leaked online. The last leak was from her phone when somebody hacked her Apple I cloud account and got her pictures online. This time Kelly Broke is not disclosing the facts after leaks. She is not responding to her Intimate pictures which are viral and on Internet.



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