Few days ago, A Cyber War against terror was announced by the World’s biggest hackers network group- The Anonymous, after the announcement of the #OpCharlieHebdo, everyone was waiting for a hack against the terror groups.

Now the wait is over as the cyber attacks are being launched by hackers at the time of publishing this news.

According to the Anonymous, they have already took down a jihadist website in retaliation for the terror attack on French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

A tweet from the twitter account of the official Op Account with twitter handle @OpCharlieHebdo wants help from people too:

Anonymous took down and claimed it through a tweet, This is a French jihadist site, currently redirects to Duck Duck Go, a search engine:

Names of the terror people, I mean the names of twitter accounts related to the jihadists being leaked on the

On Friday, the #OpCharlieHebdo was officially announced.

Anonymous says:

“Anonymous has always fought for freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We will never stop and Anonymous will remind every citizens that freedom of press is fundamental to all democracies.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to defend it. We (Anonymous) always fought for freedom of speech, we will not give in. Attacking freedom of speech is attacking Anonymous. We will not permit it. Any oraganisation and enterprise linked to those terrorist attacks should expect massive reaction from Anonymous. We are tracking you down, we will find you and not leave you any rest.”

Below is the video released by the Anonymous over the #OpCharlieHebdo:

According to the, On Sunday, millions of people, including world leaders, marched in an anti-terrorism rally in Paris. The French Mission to the United Nations called the massive gathering the largest in France’s history.

We are keeping our eye on tweets related with the hashtags: #JeSuisCharlie #OpCharlieHebdo #CharlieHebdo, We will update this post, if find something new about the hacks.

Tell us in comments, Is it a way to fight against the terrorism, You Agree with Anonymous?

UPDATE: We get a list of affected websites in #OpCharlieHebdo through a pastebin note affiliated with the Anonymous twitter account @AnonymousGlobo, below are the websites affected by the Anonymous till now:


UPDATE: 1/13/2015

A list of identified terrorist facebook accounts has been released on twitter via one of the Anonymous twitter account (@AnonyOpNews).

There are 14 facebook accounts related with the terrorists and right now, people are now reporting these accounts to facebook to block them, Join the race to block terrorism, below is the screenshot of those 14 fb accounts (CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR ZOOM)

target list

I was also able to find some of the pastebin notes over twitter in which twitter accounts related to the terrorists released, here is on the link:



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