FBI steps in to warn businesses of ‘destructive’ attack by hackers, as it emerges that Brad Fitt’s Fury has been illegally downloaded 1.5MILLION times since it was stolen in Sony Pictures hack

  • The FBI is having an investigation with the cyber-attack on Sony Picture last week
  • Annie remake and the Fury are two of the five features leaked from Sony Pictures
  • North Korea refused to deny their involvement with the breach
  • #GOP or Guardians of Peace claimed their responsibility with the attack
  • Hackers warned they will release more “top secrets” from their servers

The FBI warned business community to a destructive hacking; following the Sony Pictures was attacked last week getting Brad Pitt’s film Fury to have been illegally downloaded 1.5 million times.

Other four unreleased films were also been hacked and now available online since the attack on Monday, which include Mr. Turner and a musical remake from 1982 Annie.

Guardians of Peace is the group claiming to be responsible for hacking Sony Pictures’ computer systems around the world giving a warning message that they will not stop releasing “top secrets” until their “request be met”.

This was the 5th most downloaded last week to a file-sharing platform BitTorrent according to the TorrentFreak news website, and the 10th most well-known film in Pirate Bay file-sharing platform.

Sony Pictures and security consultants are studying the possibilities that someone is acting on behalf of the North Korea, which might be from China who is responsible for the cyber-attack; the Re/code website said.

Reuters said that according to a source familiar in this matter, Sony Pictures is investigating possibilities to link North Korea. But North Korea has denied their involvement with this hacking.

Spokesman of North Korea will reply “Wait and see” when they are asked about the country’s involvement with the attack.

The FBI issued “flash” warning to businesses on Monday providing some technical information regarding the malware used in the attack, without mentioning the name of the victims of the attack. The FBI spokesman avoids commenting once asked if the malicious software was used against the California-based Sony Corp.

FBI confirmed the Associated Press that they have been investigating an attack although not exactly the type outlined from the flash warning made on Sony Pictures that causes their computer system to breakdown. Sony Pictures’ corporate email was hacked while other internal systems were knocked down.

Employees of Sony Pictures reported that they saw a message popped up their screen that says “Hacked by #GOP”, which is the initials of Guardians of Peace.

“Every PC in the company is useless and all of the content files are stolen, destroyed or locked away”, according to an insider’s report to TheWrap.

The hacking includes passports, bank details, password information and salaries of some famous actors like Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz.

California-based Sony Pictures gave a statement on Monday that they are continuing to investigate the issue of cyber-attack last week.

Sony Pictures has restored some of their important services to make sure that their business is continue to get going while working hand in hand with the law enforcement to investigate the matter.



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