To reduce your Facebook friends Duster application can be the solution

Even if your Facebook profile might indicate you are an extremely sociable person with hundreds (or thousands) of friends it is unlikely that you want to stay in touch with all of them. Most likely you’ve been a Facebook user for some time and you’ve gathered a collection of strangers you don’t even know.

Facebook recently release a new application called Duster especially for those who are at a “turning point” spring cleaning.

Carter Wheatley and Adlai Gordon, students at Boston University, developed this application that connects to your Facebook account and sortsyour friends list choosing the users you haven’t been interacting with lately. Basically, the role of this application is to make you spring cleaning easier.

Facebook Duster

You are probably wondering how Duster works –well it is quite simple as it provides a scrollable list of casual acquaintance, withtwo options: to “Hide” them from your News Feed (hidden friends do not know they are hidden) or to “Dust” them entirely (to defriend them).

We are talking about Facebook, the place where is more useful to stalk our enemies walls more than it is to follow our friends. If you forgot to wish someone happy birthday on Facebook doesn’t mean you want to hide or unfriend them. Also all of us have friends that have extremely funny posts on Facebook but are really annoying when you meet them in the real world.

That said, we all probably have some boring non-friends who should be removed. Just make sure you’re thinking it twice before “dusting” anyone because, as we all know, nobody likes to be unfriended.




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