Sometimes hackers really enjoy hacking with their prankish mind, this is an example of their joyful hacking–when one of the electronic traffic sign in San Francisco was hacked to show “Godzilla Attack – Turn Back.”

Title looks amazing and reflects this hack as a joy of a hacker.

The sign was spotted on Van Ness Avenue Wednesday night, reading “Godzilla Attack – Turn Back,” CBS San Francisco reports.

The hacked mobile sign was supposed to be warning drivers about traffic delays during Sunday’s Bay to Breakers foot race.

In the meantime the sign has been fixed, you can see the hacked image of the sign on the top.

This is not the first time, when road sign hacks, you can read one of the previously published article about Road Sign Hack, when hackers hacked the road sign to show ‘Snowden is Hero:’

Road Sign hacked and shows “Snowden is a Hero”



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