heartbleed boy

Right now, Internet world is facing a big security threat also known as Hearlbleed Bug, which has affected almost every popular website we use like facebook, google, yahoo…, and in this biggest security breach case one 19-year-old Canadian has been charged for using heartbleed bug to exploit taxpayer data of the Canada Revenue Agency website.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested that man named “Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes” at his home Tuesday, for now he has been released and is staying with his  parents in London’s north end.

Solis-Reyes faces charges related to one count of unauthorized use of a computer and one count of mischief in relation to data.

The arrested man is the son of a computer science professor at Western University, CTV News has confirmed.

According to the CRA, it had shutdown its services on April 8 after learning that their systems were vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, after that on monday, it was announced by the officials at CRA that the Social Insurance Numbers of about 900 taxpayers were taken from the CRA systems over a six-hour period by someone who had exploited the Heartbleed bug.

“The RCMP treated this breach of security as a high priority case and mobilized the necessary resources to resolve the matter as quickly as possible,” Assistant RCMP Commissioner Gilles Michaud said in a statement.

The RCMP confiscated every computer in the London home and analyzed their contents.

Heartbleed bug was identified by Security company Codenomicon, this bug affects OpenSSL, which is one of the most widely used open-source software programs used to encrypt Internet Communications.

Your secure data can be exploited by hackers thorugh this bug. Right now at the time of publishing this post, not all of the websites affected by this flaw, fixed it.




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