Bill Gates in tension

On the first day of Bill Gates for the newly created role of technology adviser started with a troubleshooter type, as the one and only founder of Microsoft struggled for hours to install the Windows 8.1 upgrade on the computer.

The thing is, Gates started early to upgrade, but he got an error which we find many times on our PC , ‘PC ran into a problem that it could not handle and needed to restart,’ which usually looks like this:


And Gates was failed to install the upgrade by Lunchtime, after that new Microsoft C.E.O Satya Nadella helped him and result was none, he also failed and got confused.

“Bill is usually a pretty calm guy, so it was weird to hear some of that language coming out of his mouth,” the source said.

A Microsoft spokesman said only that Mr. Gates’s first day in his new job had been “a learning experience” and that, for the immediate future, he would go back to running Windows 7.




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