Google OS

Google, the search giant will offer a bounty of $110,000 to the hackers who can hack the Chrome OS at Pwnium 4 – a hacking competition to be held in March at Vancouver during the CanSecWest Security Competition. Pwnium came about 2 years ago when Google decided to part ways with Pwn2Own over a dispute on exploit disclosure.

The prizes are as follows :

$110,000 for a hacker who could compromise the system in guest-mode or as logged-in user which should be delivered via web page.

$150,000 for a hacker who compromises a system with device persistence i.e. guest to guest mode, which should be also delivered via webpage.

“Working with security community is one of the best way we know to keep our users safe” –Google added during Pwnium 3.

Last year only Intel- based Chromebooks were allowed to hack; but this year Security Experts will get a choice to an ARM- based HP Chromebook or an Intel-based Acer C720 Chromebook.

Google further stated that , they will give bonuses to all those who come up with impressive or surprising exploits. The exploits should be launched using Password- Authenticated and HTTPS- supported Google App Engine URL. It shold be noted that, no exploits for Chrome OS were found last year.

So , all the best Hackers !



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