Target Snowden

Edward Snowden is a world-famous American whistle blower regarding the confidential espionage issues of the country. He is a big hero in the eyes of the common people of the USA. But some high graded spies and official of the nation hates him. Even the Pentagon officials want to shoot him on his head. Although he is a hero in the eyes of the common people of the USA but he is a big villain to the government intelligent officers of the nation.

Many big bureaucrats also share the same sentiment. A former CIA and NSA chief Michael Hayden and also the personnel of the intelligence house committee have talked in a mock serious tone about enlisting Snowden as a criminal in the killing list for committing cyber crime.

Even one of the NSA analysts has recently commented that if he would have lived in a world where he would not be stopped from shooting an American, he would proceed and kill Snowden himself.

Many officers also have claimed to kill him and he deserves death. An army officer belonging to intelligence bureaucrats said he casually walked on the Moscow streets and came back home after buying groceries. Then he goes back to his apartment where he is often casually bothered by a passer.. Then he feels free but a bit woozy and began to think that it was a parasite. Then, he went home and the very next moment he faces a death at home shower.

A defense contractor said:

Snowden’s name is daily cursed in the defense sector. Most of the intelligence spy sector people want him to be hanged and killed. They want his death without any trial.

The political parties of the USA are not showing much strict actions or action plan against Snowden. President Barack Obama also avoided the Snowden topic in the 45 minutes speech. But even the revenge talks are there everywhere in the intelligence committee of America.

Snowden’s Wiki leaks and disclosure have done a great damage to the intelligence operations of America as well as the friend nations and allies of the country. There is also an outrage all across the nation among communities and the common people. Mike Rogers commented that Edward Snowden is no way a patriot. He has caused and continuing to cause a lot of damage to the nation of the USA as well as her allies.

Besides, the lost trust, the leaks have also endangered the national security. A spokesman for the director of national intelligence, Shaw Turner said the leaks have unnecessarily and extremely damaged the intelligence community’s national security efforts.

The leaks and revelations done by Snowden the leaks have imposed a big threat to the national security. The national intelligence spokesman Shaw Turner said that those leaks have greatly damaged the national security.

Another high raked Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger said that those documents which have been leaked have alerted the terrorists about their security and defense plans. The intelligence cell and its employees are largely suffering from these leaks. Their sources have become worthless. An NSA officer pointed that he always does his work in a combat zone. He is ready to face Snowden’s threats in that combat zone. It wound not be very easy.

The defenders of Snowden have overblown all those claims. But certain things cannot be neglected. A DOD officer has stated that those leaks have exposed their partners and these have helped the terrorists to erase those e-mail addresses and careers.

He said that they could not find them since Edward Snowden had released all the data. Their electronic signatures have also gone away.

Now, the biggest question still remains whether national security versus the right to privacy would ever be sorted out or not.



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