As a good way of displaying the hazards of using feeble passwords, a recent web tool has the ability to deduce your password sooner than you can type it.

Just as “Telepathwords” is able to guess your password based only on the final character of password string, it is very much possible that a hacker can do the same.

Telepathwords is an element of a much bigger program that is being worked on by the research arm of Microsoft in association with Carnegie Mellon University. The intention of the endeavour is to alert web users and discourage them from taking shortcuts while constructing online passwords.

A company might have a great firewall or a robust security system; but if its customers persist on using easy to guess passwords such as “password” or “123456” these safety measures come to no use.

To test how you fare at staying away from possible password hacks, all you have to do is log on to and type the initial character of the password that you like to test. With just a solitary character, number, or symbol to bank on, Telepathwords tries to guess the subsequent character. This is done by exploring databases of well-known passwords that have been exposed by safety infringements and familiar phrases and words.

Telepathwords even makes use of encryption software to ensure that the visit of each user to the website is safe.

What should you do in case the system is able to guess your password? The simple response is to transform it to something a lot stronger.

There’s also a very knowledgeable video has been formulated Sophos Labs to describe the way to generate difficult-to-guess passwords.

Nonetheless, the greater concern is that the bulk of internet users use the same password throughout a lot of different sites which is logical bearing in mind that the typical web user has about 11 to 26 accounts over the internet on average.

To fight this problem, think about making use of two-factor authentication which is a choice presented by Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, and Google, and others. You can also utilize tools for management as well as creation of passwords like 1password or lastpass .


  1. i think this tool will log all the passwords from all people and then they will really have a ‘commonly used passwords’ database..


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