Most of the countries around the world have rules to block content over internet that is called Censorship, and countries like US “spies” that is already being revealed through documents provided by Edward Snowden.

Google’s new tool is expected to bypass censorship and invasive government monitoring. uProxy named tool was discussed on Monday at the Google Ideas Summit in New York, but tool isn’t available right now as Google is not comfortable giving it a release date. It needs some trusted users to improve n make it more secure.

Lucas Dixon, one of the Engineer, who has worked on this project says:

“The reason it is closed source at the moment, the reason we’re not open sourcing it right now, is exactly that we don’t want people to start using it before, actually, it’s safe and secure,”

About uProxy?

Like Tor, uProxy will be available as browser extension in Chrome & Firefox that will allow two people who know each other, and are already in touch via chat, Facebook or email, for example, to share their connection.

How uProxy will work?

Imagine, you live in Iran and want to use your friend’s connection living in U.S, so you have to ping your friend via chat to activate uProxy>>Your friend in U.S would click on the extension>>you would receive a notification and after accepting the connection you will be connected to the Internet, via secure channel, through the U.S. friend’s connection.

Google Engineers also called it a personalized VPN [Virtual Private Network.

It is also cleared out by Google that it’s not a mirroring of TOR, and you should be aware-what it does not do:

uProxy seeded by Google and developed by researchers at the University of Washington, and isn’t the first tool  that promises to bypass censorship. There are numerous projects—like the open-source project Lantern, whose developers contributed to uProxy through Brave New Software.

Meanwhile check out this Video:



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