Just now latest news is coming from the Turkish Hackers group REDHACK, The group which is always famous for attacking Turkish websites and now they have taken down the official website OF Turkey National Police (

They tweet about this Tangodown from their official twitter & Facbeook account.

Their tweet reads:

Pull the plug checks, Total Total Total :) (


We also checked out the website on downformeorjustme for it’s live status and found that down, we also took a screenshot of that:

Last time RedHack attacked Union of Municipalities of Turkey and leaked their login crednetials, we have a long list of their hacks and you can check out all of the news with the REDHACK label.

Website is still down and not working at the time of publishing the news.

UPDATE: The RedHack disclose, why they launch DDoS Attack against Turkish Police website:

They told, police don’t act for justice and In the #OccupyGezi movement 5 were killed, 12 lost their eyes and more than 8k people injured, they also stated about the Dilan Alp who was also hit by a gas canister on her head during May Day protest by police, at last they said This ddos protest is for those who suffer under this police state.



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