Every knows about Snowden, who has leaked details of several top-secret United States and British government mass surveillance programs to the press, and now the U.S officials disclose that Former security contractor Edward Snowden was able to obtain secret documents revealing a massive U.S spying effort from the National Security Agency’s internal website.

The documents revealed by Snowden were in the NSA Intranet and his job’s allowed to make digital copies without his supervisors’ knowledge, government officials told National Public Radio.

But it is still unclear, how the copies were gone out of the office.

NSA’s chief technology officer, Lonny Anderson said, “We understand very well exactly what data obtained and how exactly had access to them.”

“We have taken some precautionary steps to block such type of Leaks for future, like we limited number of Employees who can visit (sensitive areas) and can use their own electronic devices, such as USB drives to copy data and take them out of the office—Right now two persons control these sensitive areas,” Andreson told NPR’s “Morning Edition” program.

Anderson also added that the NSA is implementing new systematic tools to monitor every analyst who has access to  sensitive information.

According to Reuters:

The NSA disclosures have raised questions about U.S. surveillance efforts and privacy as well as private contractors' clearance procedures and access to sensitive data.

But changes to data-sharing could also have national security implications given the push to share more intelligence among agencies after the September 11, 2001, attacks. Information sharing also arose as an issue in the Boston marathon bombing in April.

The NSA’s internal website still exists, but it would not be possible for anyone now to make such copies without risk of detection, Anderson added.

Snowden is wanted on U.S. espionage charges and is living in temporary asylum in Russia.
VIAReuters| RT


  1. wouldnt it be much simpler and cost effective to simply not do things that are unconstitutional so there wouldnt be a need for whistleblowers? Free Bradley Manning and welcome Snowden home as the hero he is.


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