SPAIN: Today Anonymous hackers hacked the website of Noblejas Peoples Party (Toledo) because anonymous wants to reveal government corruption and this is not the first time when this website was hacked, anonymous also were over this website back in july this year.

The website was defaced today with a video with the title ‘Secret files part 2’. In the description you can read slogans like “ What has come to light, come to light “or” People of Spain, stand up and fight. ”

Anonymous claims to reveal new documents that would prove the Spanish government corruption.

#opsecretfiles2 is the hashtag on twitter to be used to make some of these supposed revelations.

Anonymous already in the fight with Spain’s govt. from July this year, they hacked Spain’s People Party Website  (Partido Popular), which is the country’s governing party and leaked their Financial documents.

Specifically, hackers target Spanish politicians in terms of “you politician is working for the people, and seems not to understand that concept.”

The hacker group complains that ” the Spanish have virtually no health, education and work , if not social rights have been undermined by an ignorant government that only works for large corporations and for their own benefit. ”

Therefore, the group announced that “no one is going to take part in the fighting in the streets, but it will bring to light documents” in which demonstrate the relationship of the Executive “to drug traffickers , which exerted influence peddling with the judiciary, police chiefs and heads of customs “.

Noblejas Peoples Party website is still defaced and the date of new documents not disclosed till now that would prove the Spanish government corruption.

Here are the Two Videos by an Anonymous hacker uploaded to YouTube regarding the leaks:




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