Today Syrian Electronic Army attacked on the Twitter account of the Thomson Reuters (@ThomsonReuters) business news agency.

The Hack happened at Early Morning and was reported by EHackingNews with the screenshot of the tweets made by SEA on the hacked accounts, As you can see below the image of the tweets made by SEA:

In the Above screenshot, we can see that every tweet contains image with the Hash Tag #Syria.

And Today White House Employees’ personal email accounts also hacked by Syrian Electronic Army, which is also reported by EhackingNews.

After these two hacks, twitter suspended the SEA official twitter account (Official_SEA12) and now SEA moved to @SEA_Official14.

The main @Reuters Twitter account was far away from this hack and at the time we are reporting this news, hacked account @ThomsonReuters has been recovered by officials and working fine.



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