This news is different from all the hacking operations because Israeli Hackers launched #OpIslam against the Islamic Hackers, so it is Hackers vs. Hackers LIVE
An official video for #OpIslam released on youtube in which hacker stated that they will launch a cyber attack on the Islamic Websites on 26-July-2013 after that One of the Islamic Supporters Hacker Group Anonghost which is also famous in the meantime for #OpPetrol launched a hacking operation against the Israeli Hackers named #OpIsrael-Reloaded.
Israeli Hackers also release a Hit-List of their enemies in #OpIslam:


Anonghost also released their #OpIsrael Reloaded with a Press Release at Pastebin:

Hi Israel Pig Lammerz we heard that you announced #OpIslam whattttttttttttttttttt O.o ? are you kidding hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh my God !!!!!!
since when you start making Operations Lol very funny :D and since when Israel has Hackerz we never heard Hacking in Israel loooool ! you wanna make like Muslims Hackerz , nanna stop it you can’t do like Masters °_°
So it’s up to you :D you chose the war , you do not want to surrender , we fucked you many times , and in the last #Opisrael we just showed you that you are skidz and very weak ^_^ , Hey Bitch ass Zionists Listen no one can take Down Muslims or defeat them this is what we call “Impossible” ……..
We are laughing at you actually and we made the joke of the weak XD !!!!! Israelians skids decided to Make #OpIslam wooooooow :D
Okay now listen we are AnonGhost , We are Everywhere , we just challenge you to have the balls to start any attack against Muslims and believe us it won’t be Like the last #OpIsrael we Launched , it will be called #Op Erasing Israel \!/

This is really going to be a mess because Anonghost already working on their #OpIsrael-Reloaded and hacked many of the Israeli websites and in our next report we will publish the list of websites hacked under #OpIsrael-Reloaded.
Here is the Official Video Announcement from the both end of Hackers.
From Anonghost regarding the Launch of #OpIsrael Reloaded
From Israeli hackers regarding the Launch of #OpIslam



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