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#OpNorthKorea A hacking Operation of Anonymous Hacker against the North Korean Government and if you are a regular visitor so we think, you have read about the last #OpNorthkorea Launch of Anonymous Hackers and in case you missed that so here is the complete Overview of #OpNorthKorea.

Now again Anonymous come in front with their #OpNorthKorea and released a press release at pastebin about the re-launch of their Hacking Operation, according to Anonymous they will launch the Cyber Attack on North Korea on 25th June.

Here is the Press Release by Anonymous:


#OpNorthKorea Text Release – #4Greetings to our fellow Citizens of World.
To the tyrants of the North Korean Government… a notice.We Are Anonymous.

We released #OpNorthKorea Text:
#1 : (original :
#2 :

#3 FAQ :

#4 : it is.

We Did This:

Raise international awareness about the horrible
conditions the North Korean citizens live in. DONE.
Liberate their data. DONE.
Hack their shit. DONE.
Spread information. DONE.
Create ninja gateway. DONE.
Win public opinion and support for the upcoming
citizen’s uprising. DONE.
Support the actual uprising when it happens. Will be coming soon.

We completed serveral attacks on your internal Websites and inside your local intranets. DONE

And this is our comment.  translated for koreans.

우리는 전에 당신들의 인트라넷에 침투한다고 말하였다.
Previously we said we would penetrate the intranet and private networks of north korea.

그리고 우린 성공하였다.
And we were successful.

우리는 당신들처럼 세계평화를 위협하지 않는다.

We are not a threat to the world peace like your government.

또한 우리는 당신들처럼 힘으로 밀고 나가지 않는다.
We do not forcing ourselves like your government.

우리는 더이상 당신들의 세계평화위협과 대한민국에 대한 위협을 하는것을 더는 지켜볼수없다.
We will no longer abide by your ways of ruling, we work toward world peace and for the Republic of Korea.

그리하여, 우리는 6월 25일을 기해 당신들에게 우리의 힘을 보여주도록 하곘다.

Thus, we have a Memorandum of June 25 to indicating our strength.

북한주민들이여, 이제 곧 일어날때가 되었다.

Oh good people of North Korea, it is time to wake up.

당신들은 새로운 문명을 경험하게 될것이며, 당신의 썩어빠진 돼지 지도자는

Soon you will experience a new culture,  and  your worthless  leadership

곧 쓸모없음을 깨닫게 될것이다.

Will be recognised by everyone.

우리와 함께하라!

come and join us!

@ 지도자 김정은과 북한의 모든 세력들
To the worthless tyrant kim jong Un and your puppet government body!

당신들은 우리가 처음 #OpNorthKorea  Text 를 Release 할때의 요구사항을 단 하나도 실천하지 않았다.

Our first Release on  # OpNorthKorea   any of the requirements was not follow thru were not practical.

그에대하여 우리는 이렇게 말한다.

this is our response.

당신들의 힘은 미사일과 핵에 불과하겠지만

The only power you have are missiles and nuclear.

우리는 그보다 더 강력하다.

We are more powerful than that.  You cannot destroy ideas with missiles.

당신은 대한민국과의 회담을 무산시켰고, 그 책임은 대한민국에게 넘겼다.

You end talks by placing the blame on the Republic of Korea .

그 대가는 당신이 지금 치뤄야할 대가이다. 어떤가.

And  the price  of your error will be costly and placed upon you.

당신들의 주요 미사일 문서와 주민문서, 군관련 문서는 이미 훤히 내려다보이고 있다.

Your major missile documentation and residents, military documents show down is already in progress.

은폐하려고 해봤자 늦었다.

your attempt to cover this has been uncovered.

우리는 이것을 세계에 일부만 공개할것이다.

We are partially sharing this information with the world.

맞이하고 기다려라.

expect us! and Wait for us!

우리 #AnonFamily 는 이날만을 기다려왔다.

We #AnonFamily are ready for this day!

김정은, 이제 당신은 지워질때가 왔다.

Kim Jong-un, now it is time for you to step down.

#OpNorthKorea – 6/25 GMT 03 AM
12AM in Korean time.

Target And Tool List:

We Are Anonymous.
We Are Legion.
We Do Not Forgive.
We Do Not Forget.

Expect Us!

Anonymous also release a Video regarding their #OpNorthKorea:

Let’s see, what will happen on 25th and always we cover these types of Hacking Operation, this will be also get highlighted on our website, so stay tuned with the #OpNorthKorea Shortlink –



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