A Dark Truth of FBI revealed that they owned a DDoS-for Hire service posing as Website “stress testing”.
As there are many websites providing publically DDoS-for-hire services and have u ever think about that FBI owned a website like this for monitoring on users, so Yes it is true, it is explained by a security blog krebsonsecurity.
BrenKrebs, who owned krebsonsecurity blog, wrote interesting news about how he caught a website ( which is being operated by FBI Secret Agent and FBI uses a Backdoor on that site which monitors online activity of users.
BrenKrebs got a clue of owner ( from a database of that website leaked by hacker in March, after that krebs got his email address from that list ([email protected])
Krebs tried to find some more info of that Email Address and that email address is tied to a now-defunct Facebook account for 22-year-old Justin Poland from Memphis, Tenn. Poland’s personal Facebook account used the alias “PRIMALRAGE,” and was connected to a Facebook page for an entity called Rage Productions. Shortly after an interview with KrebsOnSecurity, Poland’s personal Facebook page was deleted, and his name was removed from the Rage Productions page.
After that Krebs “friended” Poland on Facebook and said he wanted to interview him. He accepted his request and sent him a chat to ask why he wanted to speak with him, he said he was eager to learn more about his business, and in particular why he thought it was okay to run a DDoS-for-hire service. While in chat Poland disclosed some his secret info to krebs.
Poland (Owner of said in chat
 “I also work for the FBI on Tuesdays at 1pm in memphis, tn,” Poland wrote. “They allow me to continue this business and have full access. The FBI also use the site so that they can moniter [sic] the activitys [sic] of online users.. They even added a nice IP logger that logs the users IP when they login.”
Everything was changed after that Interview and even its features description was also changed how it looks when krebs took the screenshot & how it looks now:
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When Krebs called the number Poland gave him to check with the FBI, the man on the other end got peeved and referred him to the FBI’s press office, which in turn wouldn’t confirm or deny any of this.
Poland, for his part, stopped talking with Krebs, saying he’d been instructed to block him. His Facebook page disappeared within moments of Krebs receiving this message:
You can also find more interesting chat conversation on the Krebs blog.



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