As Whole world know about the Bomb Explosion at Boston Marathon which is really sorrowful for everyone and everyone can feel the worries of those people who became the victim of this Attack, we and you also in the row for searching some details about that Attack on Google or getting some links related to that on Social Sites.

So if we got a Mail Like Exclusive Footage of Boston Explosions “Live feed from Boston”, so we will not think and click on that link to see that Footage but we want to aware you that Hackers started to take the Advantage of that Boston Bomb Explosions and these type of Links are coming from Hackers which will download Malware automatically on your Computers. 

How that Mail Looks?
Title of Message– News bulletin: the Boston marathon explosions
Description Looks Like– Exclusive Footage of Boston Explosions “Live from Boston”
What happens after you hit that Link? 

After Clicking that Link your system will download a Malware and turn your system into a botnet- which will become a Network for Anonymous Computers which will be used to send Spam and Hackers can also use that system in Denial of ServiceAttack. 

We always request our users not to click any suspicious link without any Knowledge, if you get any link like this so you can send us at [email protected], we will make you confirm about that. 

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