Microsoft is offering a great brand New Offer to Students to try Office 365 and its accompanying suite of products, including SkyDrive.
Microsoft will give a Trial to students of Six Months students withan .edu email address can sign up and get three months trial for free and then,


if he/she will share the offer via facebook then Microsoft will add more 3 Months in their account it totals 6 Months and Microsoft is also offering students 20GB of SkyDrive storage for free.


A pretty Good Deal for Students from Microsoft is also there for Just $80 students can use Office 365 for 4 Years on two devices and that offer can also reactivated for 4 Years again if students will try the software for Six Months for Free, now if we will think then Students will get 9 Years of Office 365 for just $160.

MICROSOFT said on this that they have ”seen through direct feedback that students are one group that can really benefit from these types of tools” and collaborative features present in Office 365. With this new campaign, Microsoft is undoubtedly making a push to show students the benefits of Microsoft office and the SkyDrive integration.



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