It seems that Apple becoming more vulnerable day by day because after many security issues which was done at Last week, Apple rolled out their iOS 6.1.2 update to customers of the, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch which was for fix the 3G Connectivity and an Exchange calendar bugs.

Last two weeks ago Hackers found a bug in iOS 6 which was allowing Hackers to operate your installed apps, after that now a screen lock by pass vulnerability found in iOS 6.1 by Vulnerability Lab.

According to researchers this Vulnerability is really dangerous because after by passing the lock it allow device to connect through USB and anyone can access voice mail, pictures, contacts, messages etc..

Below is the Demonstration Video from Youtube

Steps to Follow:
  • Connect your device with itunes and the appstore to make sure the code lock is activated
  • Push the power button (top|right)
  • The mobile will be activated and the iOS code lock will be visible
  • Now, you click on the emergency call
  • Try to dail any random emergency call number from a public listing (we used 911, 110 and 112)
  • Call the number and cancel the call directly after the dail without a direct connection to the number
  • Push again the power button and push after it the iphone button (square) in the middle
  • In the next step you push the power button 3 secounds and in the third secound you push also with one finger the square and with another the emergency call button
  • After pushing all 3 buttons you turn your finger of the square (middle) button and after it of the power button
  • The display of the iOS will be black (blackscreen)
  • Take our your usb plug and connect it with the iOS device in black screen mode
  • All files like photos, contacts and co. will be available directly from the device harddrive without the pin to access.



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