Hello all of you have you ever think that Sony PSN (Play station Network) can be hacked again after the attack in 2011 which was really a worst attack for all the Sony PSN users and Sony was claiming that

Now, they have Improved their as we all know after the attack Sony don’t want to hacked again and many hackers wants to down Sony PSN users again after the 2011 attack.

Now a interesting news is coming that an Anonymous is claiming that he has hacked the PSN, with the information of 10 Million accounts on 15th August anonymous announced the hack on a Twitter Account, but the tweet has been removed from there and this all list has been posted socially on Paste bin –  

By this attack we are remebring the last attack in 2011 but Don’t worry, the list which was posted that is a duplicate of a list posted back in March, Kotaku says that SCEA’s Shane Bettenhausen has stated on Twitter that claims of the hack are “totally fake,” but that tweet appears to have been taken down too.



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