In India a Milk Products Making company named Amul in which a recent hacking activity has Been done by a man named Satish Gupta, who hails from Mumbai. 

Email Account of Amul’s Gujarat Co-Operative Mill Marketing federation (GCMMF) has been hacked by

Satish Gupta.

According to the sources , Satish hacked the Email Account of the Company and want to con the Customer from Kandahar in Afghanistan, actually the Customer was also smart on the other end because When Satish told him to transfer the fund to other account which was provided by Satish , however Messrs Munawar Company did’nt transfer the Fund worth Over Rs. 1Crore to other account.

The police revealed the information about the e-mail hacking after a complaint was registered with the police.

The Gujarat Police have sent a team to Mumbai to search the culprit.



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