A Security Consulting Firm Secure State has released a new open source Hacking tool which will help the security professionals and penetration testers to check the meters security being which is being installed across the United States.


The name of the Tool is “Termineter” which was developed by SecureState’s research’s innovation Team. Its Framework has been written in Python and is hosted on the Google Projects Network. 

According to a member of SecureState’s Research & Innovation Team, Spencer McIntyre, the point in releasing their tool as an open source project is to give utilities more reign over testing smart meter vulnerabilities, which include password strength levels and attempted fraud. McIntyre said: 

“Our tool is framework-extensible by the community: It’s completely open source … and you can use it for whatever purposes you will to facilitate auditing of smart meters. 

Being able to write and read from a meter while being authenticated as an underprivileged user or to not have to authenticate at all. That could be used for fraud, which is a large concern for power companies.” 



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