The hack – tivist cyber criminal group Anonymous, more often than not related with cyber campaigns in opposition to fraudulent government administrations and terrorist organizations, has now set its sights on space.

They posted a video on the group’s most important You Tube channel on the 18th of March, and called on to everyone through the video to “unite as a species” and to look at other worlds in order to make certain the survival of humanity.

The video sends a clear message from the side of the group Anonymous and states that the Earth cannot be the humanity’s one and only home for all times to come. It adds on and impresses upon the fact that we as a people must unite and come together to explore other universes and worlds, so that we can in turn find ourselves securing our own world, and our race.

Anonymous’s up to date campaigns have focused on revealing an worldwide pedophile ring and taking down sites and social media accounts that have been found to be associated with Islamic State (Isis) through its campaigns – the #OpIsis campaign.

As part of this movement, a list of around 9,200 Twitter accounts connected with Isis was posted earlier this week by Anonymous.

While the most up – to – date video released by the hack – tivist Anonymous makes a mention to the “terrorization of war” that have branched from the ascend of Islamic State (Isis), it seems like there has been an unexpected exodus from such campaigns by them being suggestive of that “future space endeavors” are the only way out to our world and even our humanity’s troubles.

The video has become a landmark in the message that Anonymous wants to give to us. From internal predicaments and terrorization conflicts to now this bizarre proclamation of exploration of outside galaxies states, we have as people stood confused about the kind of message that Anonymous wants to give out. The video emphasizes on this fact again and again that the path and future of humanity itself is on the line and that our priorities as humans must be very clear to us. It reiterates itself in declaring that Interstellar travel is possible within our life span and completely within your capabilities with the help of today’s technological advancements that even on a much smaller scale, already exists today.


Before closing they send out an important message to us, while also establishing that their views and beliefs on the ideas of human peaceful co – existence have changes. They tell us that the choice is now completely up to us now. Will we come together as a species to guarantee the survival of the human race and bravely explore the unknown, or will we keep on to fighting each other and play Russian Roulette until all the hollows are loaded?



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