Unless you just got off a time machine from 200 years ago, chances are, you know at least one hacker among your kith and kin. These, just like everyone else, may appreciate a thoughtful gift. It has to be something that is connected to their hacking passion. It could be something to give them the most comfortable time as they pull all-nighters, something to help them improve their coding skills, or even something that expresses their love for computers. Your hacker doesn’t exactly have to be a big time ‘Anonymous hacker’ who pumps out complicated code. Even your computer geeky 12 year-old daughter qualifies.

Here are 15 gifts any hacker will appreciate. They come at different prices and appeal to a range of tastes.

  1. Motherboard Hoodie

What comes to mind when you think of ‘hacker’? If you are a keen fan of most movies with a techie bent to them, you might have noticed that most hackers have a hoodie and a pair of glasses. Every hacker appreciates this look and they would value a hoodie as a gift. But wait, not just any hoodie would do. To emphasize the message and help them express their passion, get them a motherboard hoodie. That may sound like something pulled out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s only a hoodie that has a motherboard printed on it. You can never go wrong with this, especially if it’s winter.

  1. RFID Blocking Secure Wallet

Hackers are security conscious especially when it comes to cyber threats. A Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) blocking wallet makes a great hacker gift. That’s because of their ability to block out scanners that may access the contents of the pouch. They can be a secure way to carry credit cards, debit cards, gift vouchers, and such electronic implements. Hell-bent identity thieves can quickly scan the contents of ordinary purses even from a distance. Credit card details can easily be obtained in this manner, which then puts the owner at risk of financial theft. All these can be avoided with a RFID blocking wallet. What’s more, they come in different colours and designs.

  1. Books

No matter how advanced your hacker friend might be, there is still room to become better. With the rapid rate at which information is being pumped out these days, it would be a smart move to keep learning. There are courses and books for this but the latter are the best for gifts. You could get a hard copy book but since this is a hacker you are dealing with, why not go all techie and get them an e-book instead? There are lots of titles available and if you can take your time to see what the latest ones are, you might come across a great one for a gift. To decide what book would be the best fit, you could browse hacker forums and see what books are making a buzz.

  1. DIY Open Source Cubietruck Kit

The DIY Open Source Cubietruck Kit makes a great gift for any hacker serious with their game. It’s a great way to pass the time while honing their skills. Are you approaching the holidays? Why not keep your hacker friend busy with the DIY Open Source Cubietruck Kit?

  1. HACKER Bar & Grill Neon Light Sign

Add some life to your hacker’s workspace with the ‘HACKER’ Bar & Grill Neon Light Sign. This is not going to help their hacking career in any way, but it will definitely help them express their passion. There are different types you can get – different colours and different designs. This is just to give you an idea of what’s out these. It doesn’t have to be this particular one since there are different messages you can find.

  1. 12-Piece Unlocking Lock Pick Set Key Extractor Tool + Transparent Practice Padlocks

All coding and no play makes your hacker… perhaps blind from staring at the computer too long? Well, whatever the case might be, it would be good for them to take a break once in a while and interact with something that doesn’t have a screen. Getting them the 12-Piece Unlocking Lock Pick Set Key Extractor Tool is a great way to keep them hacking without exactly tapping their fingers at the keyboard and looking at a screen. Most hackers enjoy lock picking and this kit that comes with test locks will keep them busy during their free time.

  1. 7. 4 Sci-Fi Movies: Hackers / Solarbabies / WarGames / WarGames – The Dead Code

This gift makes for great entertainment for any hacker. The combination of games and movies will have any computer geek’s eyes fixed on the screen. That’s because it is not just any kind of entertainment. It is something that speaks to the hacker’s very passion.

  1. Computer Mainboard&Circuit Board Wall Clock-9.65″ in Diameter

You would be hard pressed to find a hacker that pays much attention to decor. Hackers usually don’t have time for such things. They are mostly preoccupied with coding stuff and anything to do with computers. But that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a thoughtful piece of decor as a gift. The circuit board wall clock makes the perfect fit for two things – it is a clock and that makes sense since hackers are time conscious. Secondly, the motherboard print is a great way to for the hacker to immerse themselves in their world.

  1. Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger

The Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger can be appreciated by anyone who’s a fan of the star wars movie, and that’s almost everyone. The charger is not just another piece of electronic gadget with the words ‘Star Wars’ printed on it. It is an actual replica of the R2-D2 Star Wars robot. It comes with two USB ports, a blinking eye which is basically a led light indicator, and a rotating head. To top it all off, the charger makes little robot noises. Any hacker got to love that.

  1. Lego Mindstorm

A love for Legos was the foundation of anyone with a thing for techie stuff. But forget the old boring Legos that were basically unintuitive plastic blocks that couldn’t do anything at all. Say hi to the modern times, and meet the Lego Mindstorms. These, unlike the old ones, can be manipulated with a computer or smartphone. Users can build a wide range of robots and other creations with the manual that comes with every package. But who needs a manual when you have a mind of a hacker? Your hacker will most likely come up with their own custom designs and this only makes the whole thing more fun. There are also online communities of people that take time to create different things with Lego Mindstorms.

  1. 3-D Printer

3-D Printers are a big thing now. They are a great bridge between the computer geek’s cyber sphere and the real physical world. What a hacker can create on the computer screen, they can model in the real world with the right 3D printer. Not only can you print computer models. You can also scan physical objects, modify them on the computer, and then reprint them. Any hacker of any age will be thankful for such a gift.

  1. DIY Drone Kit

Drones are great because they are able to perform one of man’s greatest fascinations – flying. But what if you could get your hacker friend a custom drone that they can build themselves? Imagine just what they can do with such a device – from scanning their premises with cameras from up above, to making mock pie-deliveries. It can be a great way to pass time, especially for young hackers.

  1. Warning Hacker at Work Stylish Hip Liquor Flask

If your hacker fancies a drink while they work, you can get them this liquor flask. It comes with just the words a hacker might love – Warning: Hacker at work. It’s built with a screw-on cap and the material is stainless steel. The flask can hold 6 oz. of liquor and can fit snuggly in a pocket or purse. The big red print which is on both sides of the flask is great for emphasis.

  1. Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard

How many things say ‘hacker’ or ‘computer geek’ louder than a laser projected keyboard? Probably very few. This is a great way to keep your hacker friend tapping at the keyboard even if they are using a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Not only is it great for portability, but if a keyboard is not backlit, this can be a great alternative in low light. The laser cube can also project a touch pad mouse.

  1.  Victorinox Secure Flight 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – Ruby

A flash is an indispensable tool for any hacker. There is a lot of data transferring and file storage going on and this flash drive’s big 16GB capacity will mean available space for all sort of operations. One striking thing about the flash drive is its eye-catching material. It is has a red ruby-like finish, just right for a hacker.

Go on and appreciate the hacker in your life. It will motivate them and push them even further along the coding path.



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