Android Device Manager is a Google application that lets you to secure and track your cell phone devices distantly. Whether it is under the sofa or in the hand of a bad guy, Android Device Manager will assist you in finding or erasing your misplaced mobile phone. Even though it’s an application you hope you never have to use, luck favors the person prepared and it’s an application that you should always have in case any emergencies arise. It is also good if you have siblings ,co – workers or kids that play with your cell phone device and like to hide it while you are in the bathroom. Because you can be in all these situations, Android Device Manager comes to rescue you. The fact that it helped to locate lost devices is established, but it also helps to keep data inside it safe and secure. Android Device Manager lets you  fine Android devices linked to your Google account, rearrange your phone’s screen lock PIN and wipe away all data on the phone.

While we surely hope you will never have to make use of it, Android has a grand local tool to facilitate locating and wiping a misplaced or stolen cell phone. The usage of your Android Device Manager all depends on you – you can allow it to work in a certain way by maneuvering settings from the Google Settings app, and then you can distantly track your phone devices, have them  ring (even if your mobile phone was originally put on silent mode), alter the lock pass code, or wholly erase the data of your phone device through this useful little application.

Latest functions to text or ring your misplaced phone device have just been added so that if somebody finds your cell phone, you can get in contact with them and -warn- or persuade them to give back you cell phone device. The two new feathers on this app include the Option to put a ‘call me back’ cell number to recuperate a misplaced device and Bug performance and fixes enhancements.

Installing Android Device Manager is super-simple. Open up your mobile and go to the Google Play app, then look for Android Device Manager — it will be first search hit. If you are reading this on your mobile, it is even easier: Download Android Device manager from Google Play. The application sets up just like any other application, but you will need to go to your settings and let it to operate as a Device Administrator. In this way, it has authorization to clean or block your mobile. You’ll typically find the Device manager settings under safety. Once you are done with that, you can start the application and get it functional!

When you have misplaced your Android, a way to find it is actually only helpful if it’s on the internet. The Android Device Manager site is a simple to use, and can be used by just about every web browser.




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