Android smartphones are used all around the world and are become popular by the day. If you are an owner of an Android smartphone and use to watch porn on it, its time you should start avoiding that. Android smartphones have been found to be vulnerable to hacking and ransomware in the recent times. According to a Russian cybersecurity company named Kaspersky Lab, at least 1.2 million users are found to be across porn disguised ransomware.

vulnerable hacking and ransomwareKaspersky Labs recently published a report which elaborated on the fact that about one-fourth of the 4.9 million people who use Android smartphones to watch porn have faced malware. It is the result of Android smartphones being vulnerable to hacking and ransomware.

A hacking group is known to even steal money from people with the help of porn apps which were fake. According to a report, that group took $892,000 from users in 2017 with the help of fake porn android smartphone apps.

These hacking groups use porn ransomware to lure victims to click on malware websites or links and half of the time; the user is not even aware that his/her Android smartphone has been infected with ransomware or not.

A total of 23 different types of malware were found by Kaspersky which were explicitly designed to target Android smartphones. Porn was utilized as the primary delivery tool for that malware. Some of those of apps included Trojans and ransomware. This ransomware and Trojans were designed to hack into your bank account details and fake subscriptions.

Many pages were automatically opened, and advertisements were clicked without the knowledge of the user because of the hacking of the Android smartphone. As a result, the battery life of the Android smartphone was drained, and eventually the hackers made money because of the clicking on advertisements. After hacking, the malware would utilize a large chunk of the user’s data (more than 100mb) just by clicking on advertisements.

Android smartphone vulnerable hacking and ransomware

Now if you think that was bad so let’s talk about the scariest part of these android smartphones vulnerability to hacking and ransomware. The Trojans or ransomware can also change the android smartphone PIN code to random. So even if the mobile user tries to uninstall the ransomware, he/she would not be able to unlock the smartphone. It was described by Kaspersky team on their blog.

Porn apps were never allowed in the Google Play Store which is the default store for apps in Android smartphones, but there are many applications available on porn sites in the form of a .apk file. 700,000 apps were removed by Google recently that violate its policy.

So if you are using an Android smartphone, we would strongly recommend that you should be installed any porn related app from a third party store of any website because Android smartphones are vulnerable to hacking and ransomware.

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