With the increase in cybercrimes nowadays, social media accounts are the ones which are the most vulnerable. The rate of them getting hacked is increasing day by day. One of the things we see now is not only professional hackers are into hacking social media accounts, but young students and teenagers are also now doing it efficiently.

One of the recent examples is a famous Indian cricketer Mohammad Siraj got his accounts hacked. Yes, believe it or not, his primary social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Gmail got hacked. The exciting part is that it was done by a 14-year-old boy who then got arrested for it.

You must be wondering what that boy did after hacking his account, right? He sent texts saying “I love you” to all contacts on those social media platforms. As soon as Mohammad Siraj found out that his accounts have been hacked, he filed a Cybercrime case. The Cybercrime team was efficient and managed to trace the hacker quickly. The boy confessed that he hacked all those accounts and he is a big fan of Mohammad Siraj after he got arrested.

hacked mohammed sirajs got arrestedAfter hacking the accounts, the boy used a cell phone number as a password for all the accounts. The Cybercrime department managed to trace the number and found the boy who hacked the account, and he got arrested for it. It was found out from the reports that the boy was a resident of Begumpet. He is a son of a watchman, and his brother is a good friend of Mohammad Siraj who got hacked.

The best part of this whole scenario is the reaction of Mohammad Siraj even after being hacked. Police were about to take severe actions against the boy who got arrested for committing the crime, but Mohammad Siraj showed a grand gesture and won a lot of hearts.

Mohammad Siraj felt that the future of the boy might be in jeopardy after he got arrested. So he requested the local police not to book him. He also asked that they should not file a case against the boy. Even after getting all his accounts hacked, this was a great gesture by Mohammad Siraj.

hackerThe Telangana police honored the request of Mohammad Siraj, and the boy who got arrested was let go. Mohammad Siraj appreciated the local police for their assistance.

Mohammad Siraj then posted on his social media: “Alhamdulliah all my accounts have been recovered with the help of Telangana police. #crimebranchteam”

His gesture showed he has a good heart. The 14-year boy who hacked his accounts and got arrested must be thankful for him for saving him from all the trouble. Let us know what your thoughts on this matter are?

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