Security researchers at Bitdefender have discovered a critical password stealing banking Trojan. This banking Trojan is believed to be based on the famous Trojan Zeus. The discovered Trojan has been termed as Terdot by the researchers. This Trojan has the ability to use visited web pages data with HTML code to carry out MitM (man-in-the-middle) attacks and steal confidential data including credit card information.

What is more shocking are the unbelievable capacities of this Trojan. It has the ability to automatically update and change its name and also add new capabilities to trick antivirus softwares. Moreover, it can steal password and credential information from Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts with quite ingenuity.

Bitdefender quoted:

“Terdot is a complex malware, building upon the legacy of Zeus. Its focus on harvesting credentials for other services such as social networks and email services could turn it into an extremely powerful cyber espionage tool that is extremely difficult to spot and clean.”

It is also important to note that Bitdefender warned that this Trojan is also being spread in malicious links and authentic looking PDF files.

About the origin of this password stealing banking Trojan, it is highly likely that its origin is Russian due to the fact that its algorithm makes it almost impossible to hack VK’s data which is the largest Russian social media platform.

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