Hacking has now taken a new turn and as reported earlier in the Bloomfield’s school website hacking, large scale ISIS hacking of US school websites has commenced. This is a point of great concern for nearly 800 US schools.

ISIS hacking of US school websites involved posting of an ISIS sponsored YouTube video for about two hours on Monday morning. More than 800 school sites were hacked. An Arabic message and a picture of Saddam Hussein was displayed. The text in the video was as following:

 “I love Islamic State (ISIS)”

The ISIS hacking team identifies itself with the name “Team System DZ”.

ISIS hack of US school websitesThe school websites which were affected included schools throughout America: From New Jersey to Arizona and from Virginia to Connecticut. Most of these school websites were administered by a developing team known as SchoolDesk situated in . A spokesperson from SchoolDesk reported:

“The websites were redirected to an iframed YouTube video. No data was lost or altered in any way. Because we’re currently working with the FBI in an active investigation of this incident, as well as forensic team from Microsoft, we cannot yet discuss any technical details or exact methods of access to SchoolDesk’s network or software,”

The company has taken this matter seriously and has handed over its servers completely to the FBI. The company claims that no confidential data was compromised but security experts believe that the facts might be contrary to the company’s belief.

Eric Cole who served as commissioner on cyber security for President Barack Obama, and was formally a senior vice president at MacAfee and the chief scientist at Lockheed Martin reported:

“In most hacks, organizations do not have full visibility into what happened or what information was compromised. In almost every breach, what is initially reported is usually extremely conservative and over the weeks following a breach, it is always worse than what was originally reported.”

ISIS hacking of US school websites has become viral globally. Therefore, keep reading our news to stay updated on this dilemma.

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