If you are a resident of the US especially from cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas, then you should know about the vulnerability of hacking of phone by police department. This has been made possible by an invention designed specifically for the military which is now being used by the department of police to track user location and much more.

This compact sized device known as StingRays or more commonly known as cell site simulators, basically mimics a cell tower thus sweeping up loads of data of cell phones that come in its range.

This has sparked a controversy where civil groups are raising complaints over the protection of personal privacy. The most shocking feature of this device that can track user location and much more without the need of a phone call or SMS from the user.

A problem with this device is that this device can collect data even from other cell phones in the range of the person’s cell phone being tracked by police. According to an estimate, 72 law enforcement agencies are using this device in 24 states. In addition to this, 13 federal agencies are also utilizing the services of this device.

The fact that hacking of phone by police is possible without even requiring a warrant has caused lawmakers in several states to place proposals to ban this issue. These proposals include the introduction of laws requiring a warrant before the usage of this device to outright rejection of this invention.

Let us see what the court of law decides about this hacking of phone by police dilemma.

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