IPhone X has rocked into the markets since its announcement. For those who are looking forward for an honest iPhone X review, we have compiled its pros, cons and a verdict for you to judge comprehensively of its price vs value.

First of all, iPhone X is a stunning and attractive looking phone with curves and finish to compete with the highest standards. It does not come with much advanced features compared to previous models but its dashing look is enough for those who want to spend money on this stylish phone.

The shift of this phone’s traditional style comes at a considerable cost. As one of the most expensive phones ever, the prices will be starting from $999 for the basic model.

The release of the iPhone X is expected to be on November 3 but pre-orders will start from October 27. Coming to the specific features, let us start with the most notable feature i.e. the screen of the iPhone X. In our iPhone X review, I will ensure that features are addressed to the point to avoid reading long paragraphs for an idea. The screen comes with a 2436 x 1125 on the new Super Retina HD display obviously but the wide perspective screen that touches the edges of the phone gives it an immersive look. Unlike the earlier iPhones, there is no traditional home button on bottom of the screen. The screen extends all the way and the only place where screen has a curve or break is the speaker compartment at top.

Next is the deletion of Touch ID and the addition of Face ID that might come as a negative aspect for many. What is even more annoying is the failure of Face ID method in many casted demos.

Now discussing the camera, unlike the usual famous horizontal back-camera lens, the iPhone X has a vertically aligned camera style which gives the phone a new look. Apart from this, telephoto lens and optical image stabilization is included in the camera and has been improved from its earlier counterparts.

Coming to a major aspect of smartphones i.e. battery life and power is great in iPhone X. Powered by the A11 Bionic Chipset, it unleashes the power of this phone to handle almost every application that is or that is due to come in the market. Battery consumption management has been made stronger and the unique feature of wireless charging makes it a top phone to go for.

Therefore, according to our iPhone X review, this phone has many good features but its cost and the deletion of Touch ID and addition of Face ID are the negative aspects yet seen in our personal review.

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