No matter which form of government exists in a state, whether democracy, royalty or dictatorship, people may have their protest against certain elements or way of ruling against the state. Normally we see this protest as huge crowds gathering to voice their demands and put pressure on the state. However, with advancements in technology, we have now seen a new form of protest in form of Venezuela Government Websites Hacking.

Innovation and improvisation at its best for staging a protest, a group of hackers identifying themselves collectively under the name of “The Binary Guardians” hacked almost 40 government websites. They say that it is in the protest against what they believe is the ‘dictatorship’ of President Nicolas Maduro. The Venezuela Government Websites Hacking is one of the few modern protests made around the globe.

Venezuela Government Websites Hackers

According to Reuters, the group of hackers wrote in an email the following text:

“Our intention is to give hope to people that no matter how strong the enemy seems, there is strength in unity,”

One of the major website hacked in the Venezuela Government Websites Hacking is the Venezuelan election authority known as the CNE elections authority. The hackers placed a flyer on the page and a clip from the famous movie of Charlie Chaplin “The Great Dictator.

Venezuela Government Websites Hacker

The Reuters wrote in this aspect the following news:

“The country’s CNE elections authority, which ran the July 31 vote for the new 545-member ‘constituent assembly,’ was among the sites hacked. Its hacked page featured a flyer in favour of Operation David, and a video showing a clip from Charlie Chaplin film The Great Dictator.”

This might be the start of a new trend and an era where people will stage their protests by hacking government websites and let their voice be heard throughout the world.

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